Tsuru participants must feel absolutely secure when they use the Tsuru App. At Tsuru, we respect and guarantee the privacy and safety of the participants' data 100%.

By applying 'end-to-end encryption', certificates, and 'two-tier authentication', we ensure that the participants' data cannot be accessed by unauthorised people.

We guarantee that all users are anonymous during the use of the Tsuru App at all times. Also after the use of the Tsuru App, the privacy will be guaranteed and all the data on the participants will be filed and depersonalised.

Within the Tsuru Dashboard, several selections can be made per department or location, but the data can never be traced back to individuals. The Tsuru Dashboard will only be able to show information when selections consist of 20 participants or more. This will guarantee the anonymity of the participants.

All personal data received by Tsuru will be processed in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The principles we apply have been described in our privacy and cookie policy, as well as in our conditions of use.