This is Tsuru

Being successful, becoming fitter, and your energy level are all linked to habits and behaviour. Why do employees make certain choices about exercising, nutrition, sleep, stress, and ambition? You need to have a certain awareness and understanding to make healthy choices. This requires the right advice and skills. With Tsuru, employees get personalised coaching so they can work on specific health goals and develop new and lasting routines.

"A realistic self-image is essential for changes in behaviour towards greater health and happiness. That is why the personality of each participant will be the starting point of everything we do within Tsuru." - Jessy Brouwers, Clinical Psychologist/Co-founder

Healthy and happy, in a way that suits you

Benefits for you as an employee:

  • You will be happier and healthier!
  • Tsuru looks at who you are: nutrition, activity, stress, sleep, ambition, and personality
  • You get insight into certain habits based on your unique profile and Personality & Lifestyle Scan
  • The Power Coins and trophies keep you motivated
  • You reach your personal goals through personal coaching
  • Completely digital and user-friendly

Tsuru Features

Feature Powercoin

Saving Power Coins

You collect Power Coins almost automatically and this will motivate you to go on. These Power Coins can then be redeemed for a reward.

Feature Profiel

Personal profile

After the completion of a few questionnaires, employees get a personal profile that forms the basis for their coaching programme. After a week, they receive an extensive personalised Personality & Lifestyle Scan.

Feature Vragen

Daily and weekly questions

Employees answer the daily questions posed in the App, such as 'Are you looking forward to a new day at work?' and there are weekly progression questions such as 'How did you feel this week?'. This creates an awareness and provides relevant information for the management. It is also possible to use company-specific questions.

Feature Meter

Tsuru Meter

Measuring happiness, motivation, and health can be done simply and quickly based on the scores from the daily and weekly questions.

Feature Newsfeed

Daily news feed

A daily update on the important (inter)national news on health, work, stress, and happiness.

Feature Implementatie

Implementation Programme

We help you to introduce Tsuru successfully into your organisation so many of your employees will use it.

We work with Tsuru