Our team is a very varied group of scientists, medical specialists, and other content experts with a common interest in how to make health and happiness accessible to everyone. The unique collaboration between specialists from the different areas of expertise is the driving force behind Tsuru's success.

Are you a content expert, developer, data scientist, or a sales, marketing or communication specialist? Do you want to make a real difference within a company and to the target group? We are always looking for committed top-quality staff! Are you looking for a graduate internship in media/communication, sports, or design, then Tsuru has plenty of opportunities as well.

Tsuru Advisory Experts

Ruud Langeveld

Dr. Ruud van Langeveld

Cardiologist, Jeroen Bosch Hospital

Toon Van Hooijdonk

Prof. Toon van Hooijdonk

Professor of Food Quality & Design, Wageningen University


Prof. Margriet Sitskoorn

Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology, Tilburg University

Marco Van Veen

Marco van Veen MA

CEO Connect2Crowd

Tsuru Experts

Silvio Van Eunen

Dr. Silvio van Eunen



​Dr. Marian de van der Schueren

Professor of Nutrition and Health, VUMC en HAN University

Jessica Gal

Dr. Jessica Gal

Sports Physician and multiple European Judo Champion

Larissa Van Der Zalm

Dr. Larissa van der Zalm

Psychologist, Sleep Expert

Chantalle Burgers

Dr. Chantalle Burgers


Tim Van Tartwijk

Tim van Tartwijk

VP special projects

Website 1

Maino Remmers

HR Tsuru Expert

Website 2

Joep Rovers

Personal Trainer en Bewegingsexpert


Jeroen Bouman

Personal Trainer en Beweging Expert

Tsuru Team

Cor Pijnenburg

Cor Pijnenburg

Investor/ Co-founder

Jessy Brouwers

Jessy Brouwers MA

Clinical Psychologist/ Co-founder

Marinelle Van Der Kuil

Marinelle van der Kuil

Management Assistant

Bert Van Deuveren

Bert van Deuveren MSc

Lead Developer

Jan Willem Pijnenburg

Jan-Willem Pijnenburg


Jeroen Ruissen

Jeroen Ruissen

Software developer

Maarten Tuerlings

Maarten Tuerlings

Sales manager

Foto Site

Marin van Mensvoort

Product & Content Medewerker