Tsuru is the most comprehensive tool to improve the happiness, health and motivation of employees in a sustainable way.

There is increasing evidence that employee happiness and health contribute significantly to the total success of a company. Also, research shows irrefutably that programs that promote the well-being of employees are no longer a 'would like to have', but a 'must-have' for employer branding, recruitment and retention.

Tsuru distinguishes itself by offering 100% digital coaching based on the personality and behaviour of participants. We like to work with companies and professionals who put employee wellness first and see an opportunity to enrich their own services with Tsuru. For example, as an addition to assessments and coaching programs, health checks, existing vitality programs and advisory services.

Tsuru is interesting for (lifestyle) coaches, health and safety services, platforms for vitality and service providers in the field of HR Advice and HR Software.

Are you excited about the opportunities with Tsuru? Please contact us to have a chat about the possibilities!