Health, happiness, and motivation visible in real-time

Health, happiness, and ambition of employees, at home and at work, have a direct impact on their creativity, flexibility, loyalty, effort, and productivity. In the long term, but also today. Tsuru can gauge the mood every day with questions such as: 'How do you feel?' and 'Are you looking forward to a new day work?'. The employee will also answer weekly progress questions which will show what progress has been achieved. We can show whether employees feel good about themselves and how motivated they are.

This will stimulate the employee and provide interesting information to the employer.

You can access all this information at all times, and see the results of how you benefit from the interactive coaching with the Tsuru App. This way, you can improve the health, happiness, and motivation, of your employees, per department or in a wider context. The results per department, location, or other selected part of the company are presented in the Dashboard and will be completely anonymised, thus guaranteeing the privacy. In order to guarantee the privacy, a minimum of 20 participants is required.

'I have the feeling that the employees at a certain department are less motivated. With the Tsuru App, I can find out if this is actually the case. If so, I can take the necessary steps to fix that.'
Dashboard Engels 12 4 2018

The Tsuru Dashboard has customised questionnaires and cross sections.

The Tsuru Dashboard classifies the participants based on gender, location, and department. With this, standard selections can be made. They can be expanded according to your needs.

Do you have any company-specific questions? They can be added to the questionnaire in the Tsuru App, after which the data is shown in a customised dashboard.