Healthy employees

The tool for happy, healthy, and motivated employees

Tsuru is there for the employee. We offer an integrated approach that makes employees healthier, happier, and more motivated. Employees receive psychological coaching in the areas of nutrition, activity, sleep, ambition, stress, and personality so they will learn, step by step, to get the best out of themselves. At home and at work.

Tsuru brings a positive change in their behaviour by teaching skills that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and ambition at the workplace. The results will be immediately noticeable in the increase of motivation and productivity and a reduced absenteeism.

Benefits for you as an employer:

  • Real-time management information about the well-being of your employees
  • Healthy and vital employees
  • Reduced visible and hidden absenteeism
  • Profiling your organisation as a good employer
  • Earn back the investment within one year
  • No more individual solutions thanks to the integral approach (nutrition, activity, sleep, ambition, stress, and personality)
  • Sustainable behavioural change through psychological coaching based on personality
  • Completely digital, yet 100% personal