Rewarding employees

Motivate employees

Research has shown that healthy habits can be better maintained when there is some sort of reward. Naturally, this also applies to employees. Tsuru does not just let them work on their own health with the Tsuru App, it also offers them the opportunity to collect Power Coins. These can be redeemed for fun rewards.

Power Coin Balance

How does it work?

By using the Tsuru App, employees can collect Power Coins. When the employer offers this opportunity, the Power Coins can be redeemed. The monthly amount that is set aside for employees can be further established. This can be up to € 25 per month!Employees receive Power Coins in the Tsuru App for various actions, such as accepting a challenge, answering daily and weekly questions, or reading a blog.

How will you benefit?

The employer will have an employee who is even more motivated to work on his or her health and happiness, and the employee can redeem the Power Coins as a reward.

This way, everybody feels good about working on health and lifestyle.