How does Tsuru work?

The tool for happy, healthy, and motivated employees

Tsuru wants to give every person the opportunity to be happy and healthy. We do this by combining technological innovation and psychology and lifestyle sciences by looking at all aspects of every employee.

For the employee
As an employee, Tsuru gives you a unique coaching programme based on your specific needs and personality. In the Tsuru App, you receive weekly small and personalised challenges, blogs, and vlogs which stimulate you to make healthier choices that match with your personal goals.

You will receive a personalised Personality & Lifestyle Scan after one week. This is a practical and complete overview with a unique, extensive, and personal profile of yourself with relevant background information. By using the Tsuru App, you also collect Power Coins. They will motivate you even more to reach your goals and to keep going.

All this makes Tsuru the most comprehensive tool to work on a healthier and happier version of yourself by taking small steps at a time.

For the employer

The manager can use Tsuru to monitor the physical and mental health of employees in real-time via the Tsuru Dashboard. The answers to the daily questions such as 'How do you feel?' and 'Are you looking forward to a new day at work?' are directly displayed in the Dashboard and can be monitored over a longer period. The Dashboard also shows the answers to the progress questions. As an employer, you will get a quick insight into the employee satisfaction and involvement, and you can react proactively, per department or in a wider context, to improve the happiness, health, and motivation.

Do you have any company-specific questions? These can be added to the questionnaire in the Tsuru App, after which the data is shown in a customised dashboard. The results per department, location, or other selected part of the company are presented in the Dashboard and will be completely anonymised. To guarantee the privacy of the employees, the Dashboard can only show results when there are 20 participants or more.