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Work pressure that is too high, sleeping problems, and stress are important causes of absenteeism. They have a direct effect on the health and productivity of employees, both at work and in their private lives. Tsuru is the tool to improve the well-being of employees in an integral manner.

Tsuru stimulates healthy lifestyle habits and makes employees physically and mentally healthier and happier. With the Tsuru App, they receive coaching based on their unique personal profile on six lifestyle areas: sleep, nutrition, stress, ambition, personality, and exercise.

How employees feel is made visible to the management in real-time via the unique Tsuru Dashboard. Privacy is guaranteed.

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Tsuru challenges, informs, inspires and analyses

Tsuru combines interactive online technology with a personal approach, scientific knowledge, daily coaching and real-time insight.

Tsuru online personal coach


Tsuru looks at the employee in all aspects: we analyse and make a personal profile based on all lifestyle areas. What follows are personal challenges, explanations, and in-depth information in our inspiring blogs and vlogs.

App wetenschappelijk gezondheid


Tsuru is developed by a team of experienced scientists and medical specialists. They are continuously looking for new insights that contribute to health, happiness, and motivation.

Dageliijkse gezondheids training app


Tsuru coaches in phases of 12 weeks. The participant gets daily challenges based on the six lifestyle areas. The coaching is fun, unique, and rewarding so employees will be better able to stay on track.

Bedrijf inzicht gezondheid medewerkers


The Tsuru App guides the participant, measures the weekly progress, and gives feedback. Managers can check the Tsuru Dashboard at any time and see how the well-being and motivation of the employees progress.

Featured blog posts

27 Mar 2018

Why teachers and doctors experience so much stress

Why teachers and doctors experience so much stress

It was abundant in the news recently: Chefs, doctors, lawyers, managers and primary school teachers experience the highest work pressure. What causes this work pressure?

12 Jan 2018

Grant twenty-somethings a chance!

Grant twenty-somethings a chance!

Twenty-somethings, they don't make enough money and they are very likely to burn-out. They and their employers have a shared responsibility in making sure this passionate generation flourishes.

12 Dec 2017

Psychological absenteeism and burn-outs more often actively contested

Psychological absenteeism and burn-outs more often actively contested

Absenteeism increasingly has a psychological cause. The importance of preventive measures therefore increases. Nevertheless, the use of health apps on the basis of psychological interventions remains behind. That is changing.