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Postdate: 15 March 2018

According to ‘Live in gratitude: twelve months that will change your life’ written by anthropologist Angeles Arrien, work is a life goal. One sees it as an expression of creativity, while for the other it is an expression of serviceability. Creating meaningful situations can be done everywhere, if you are able to transfer positive emotions.

Gratitude at work

You can take gratitude from different aspects in life: think about the life lessons and good deeds. Positive emotions often lead to new positive emotions. If you look at your financial situation, health, or family life, you always have things to be grateful for. Getting a sincere sense of appreciation at work has a positive influence on productivity and cooperation, which makes you also more generous. It is about small spontaneous gestures, like a card, a compliment, gift or shoulder pad. Real gratitude is not only about extra salary, but also about respect and the fulfilment of your life goal.

‘Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have’

Practice gratitude

In order to give and get gratitude it is important that you appreciate yourself first. Emotions like jealousy, greed, anger, and pride can obstruct the road towards gratitude. By practicing gratitude you can concur these emotions and strengthening your positive feelings, which has a positive effect your well-being. Instead of comparing yourself with others and feel dissatisfied, you can focus on the matters that give you the opportunity to grow. Write down your gratitude and the qualities that can help you forward. How more gratitude you experience, how bigger the chance you act social towards others.

Be conscious about how you express your love towards others. Do you put compliments easily aside, or do you find het difficult to give a compliment? Notice at the end of the day who or what made you happy, and take action to maintain and strengthen social relations. Practicing real gratitude does not have to be difficult: a ‘thank you’ is already a good start.

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