You can benefit from these 6 advantages when you use your bicycle more often

Postdate: 22 November 2017

In the Netherlands, we are cycling a lot more compared to other countries. And there are very good reasons for it! Cycling is healthy for your body and mind, for the following reasons:

1. It improves your immune system
It is tempting to stay indoors when the seasons turn to autumn and winter, but then you will be much less exposed to sunlight and you absorb less vitamin D. When you cycle more often, it is good for your immune system. Dutch studies done by TNO show that absenteeism amongst people who cycle are lower than with people who don't.

2. It is a way of releasing stress
When you cycle to and from work, you can use these moments to wake up or to shake off the 'worries' of that day. This is good for your state of mind. You won't be bothered by the annoying traffic jams or throng of commuters, which can make you even more stressed.

3. Your fitness improves
Cycling is a good way to build up your overall fitness. You feel more energetic and fitter when you start using your bike instead of the car.

4. It gives less strain on your muscles
Compared to running, cycling is a safe option. Especially when you are overweight and you want to lose weight. The strain on your muscles is less, so it also reduces the chance of incurring an injury.

5. It is a sustainable choice
Under normal circumstances, your bike will last you a relatively long time. You would need to invest some money in a good bike and a lock, but it will more than pay itself back as you won't have any other expenses for things such as fuel. So it is much more beneficial, for yourself and for the environment.

6. It improves your blood circulation
Exercising is good for your blood circulation. And this is especially true when you combine exercising and fresh air, which has a positive effect on your skin and cardiovascular system.

Cycling in the fresh air clears your head and you will absorb more sunlight. And this is just one reason to consider taking out your bike more often! Do you live far away from your work? Then you can use the moments in between to grab your bike instead of your car.

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