When you apply these 3 things, you will have normal blood pressure

Postdate: 28 March 2018

One of the most important ways have healthy blood pressure is by eating plant foods. So not much meat. Your nutrition is the core of your health. This applies to your heart and blood vessels, and certainly for your blood pressure. And there are many more things you can do. Below you can read the tips of Tsuru expert and cardiologist Drs. Ruud van Langeveld.

1. Sports and exercise

When your weight is too high, your blood pressure rises. This makes sense because your heart will have to work harder to pump all the blood through the vessels. Therefore, sports contribute, first of all, to a healthier weight. By getting regular physical exercises your blood vessels will also relax more and thus create less resistance to the flowing bloodstreams.

It really does not matter what kind of exercise you get. The type of sport is not important. The ultimate effect on your blood vessels is the same. The most important thing is that you choose something you enjoy. Or in any case, that you do something that you can do on a regular base and which want to keep on doing. Are you not a sporty person? Then go for walks. It is a wonderful way to stimulate your heart. Your blood pressure will be grateful.

30 minutes a day already gives a demonstrable result.

2. Drink enough water

When you don't drink enough water, your body will try to compensate for the relative lack of fluids. Your body will retain salt, so you won’t a lot. Salt obstructs the lowering of the blood pressure. It wants to raise your blood pressure. Besides that, the resistance in your blood vessels will increase. This is because the most important parts of your body must be protected from dehydration when your body contains, in proportion, not enough water.

3. De-stress

This is something we all know, of course. Constant stress leads to an increased blood pressure. How wonderful it is to de-stress!

- Go and visit Mother Nature. Go outdoors regularly and breathe in the fresh air.
- Find sufficient relaxation. Unwind, relax, let off steam when your day is done.
- Learn to say NO to things you don't want to do.
- Laugh! Somewhere along the way to adulthood, we have almost lost the ability to laugh.
- Play. Start playing games again with each other and with your children. Let them be in charge. They still know how to do it.
- Relax. Listen to music and drown yourself in it. Especially classical and New Age music can lower your blood pressure.
- Get a massage. Being touched can calm you.
- Sit down, close your eyes, and listen to your own breathing. Call it what you want, but it works.

In addition to a healthy diet, this will all contribute to a normal - and thus a healthy - blood pressure. This is important for a good condition of the heart and blood vessels.

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