Use these tips to reward yourself every day!

Postdate: 28 August 2017

The brain activity is a deciding factor for your mood, energy, and motivation. The production of dopamine and serotonin is partially responsible for this and it creates a pleasant feeling.

Take action
You surely have had moments when you didn't feel like doing anything and maybe even felt somewhat depressed. Your brain will then give the signal to do nothing or to lie down. Such a 'pyjama-day' may be familiar to you: the association is then is 'do nothing, don't need to do anything'. A certain amount of sense-impression is part of that, but ultimately this can, besides giving a relaxed feeling, also give a sense of listlessness when it lasts for too long. Your brain basically needs to be shaken up regularly, something that can be done by stimulating your senses. A passive way or rewarding is listening to the music you love, but there are other ways as well. Force yourself to take a shower and dress nicely; this will raise your moral immediately.

‘For every disciplined effort is a multiple reward'

Find your motivations
Are you a nature lover? Then it is well-worth to go for a walk or to go wild camping. Research has shown that nature has a positive effect on your emotional state and stress level, just like sports. At the office, you can stimulate your brain by having a good conversation. Trigger a positive discussion, start a brainstorm session about new, fresh ideas, or talk about the things you love. When you eat something you like, the reward centre in your brain is automatically activated. Make sure that you eat enough and take in healthy fats to keep your energy level. What food products make your brain happy? Salmon, avocado, oatmeal, almonds, or a boiled egg.

As described above, there are multiple things you can do at your workplace. Have some oatmeal biscuits and almonds within reach and choose a colleague who has a creative mind or a good sense of humour!

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