Tsuru is going international!

Postdate: 27 June 2018

Tsuru strives, through an innovative combination of technology and psychology, to make as many employees as happy, healthy and motivated as possible. On Friday 22th of June 2018, the contract was signed to now also make this ambition take shape internationally.

Tsuru enters the English-speaking market
Together with Tsuru-Online BV, Ron Byron will bring the Tsuru coaching App onto the market in the United Kingdom first. Other English-language markets will follow after that.

Ron has a great deal of experience in developing and setting up coaching and consultancy networks in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and in the US. He has also completed a formal thesis studying the influence of cultural differences and personal preferences on the behaviour of employees. His substantive and commercial background and international network makes him the right person to work with Tsuru on this new journey.

''The Tsuru Coaching App is scientifically validated and thought out and supports employees in an interactive way with their motivation, health and happiness. The Tsuru Coaching App makes it possible for coaches/trainers to help employees to realise their personal development objectives before and after their training. In my opinion, this makes the Tsuru Coaching App the best product of its kind that is available on the market.''

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