3 qualities you need to have for successful ‘agile work’

Postdate: 07 June 2018

More and more often, beyond ICT projects also, you will come across the concept of agile work. Agile means 'flexible' and represents a short-cyclic, flexible working method. You do not do this alone: you do this with colleagues in a multidisciplinary team with a certain mind-set. Are you 'agile-ready’?

When are you agile?
We live in a time of rapid developments. Agile means you respond to these developments by very quickly meeting customer needs. Work efficiently is part of being agile, as is working where, when and how you want. A large project is divided into small steps within a team, within which constant adjustments are made based on feedback. By adding a small functionality every time, instead of doing a major release at the one time, you can quickly adjust.

Many companies are already doing 'agile’ work. Some employees adopt this more easily than others. In teams, it is important that everyone knows his or her strength to achieve a common goal. It is therefore necessary that you know yourself and your teammates well.

In addition to being able to work well in a team and being able to communicate well, there are also a number of other personal skills that come in handy for agile work:

1. Being open to feedback and learning from your mistakes
Without feedback, there is no growth or room for (self) development. This means that you not only accept your feedback, but also that you can give it to others. To do this, it is important that you feel safe within the team and dare to be critical.

2. Accepting changes
The extent to which you are open to change and are flexible, will determine the success of agile work. This depends on your own personality, but also on that of your colleagues. Someone who loves structure and security may be less good at coming into his/her own in an agile environment.

3. Taking responsibility
To be able to very quickly meet the individual needs of the customer, should be seen as a challenge. This requires a good dose of a sense of responsibility and involvement in short-cycle projects. If you happen to have a bad day, this will have a direct effect on planning and the results.

The good news is that these skills can be learnt. And this can also be done in an 'agile’ way. The first step is to know yourself well, including your strong and weaker qualities in relation to agile work. Then you can, by taking a critical look at your own behaviour and asking for lots of feedback, adjust your way of working.

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