This is how you develop your personal mantra

Postdate: 13 November 2017

Relaxation exercises make you relax after a busy working day, but also when you are someone who can be restless or worrying. In addition to breathing exercises, you can also learn to relax with your own personal mantra.

What is a mantra?
Your thoughts and emotions have a large impact on your behaviour. When you have negative thoughts, you often feel them throughout your entire body. The origin of a mantra is to free and control your mind. When you feel tensed or stressed, say this mantra out loud. This may sound a bit woolly, but it is not. A mantra is a sound, a syllable, or sentence that will get you in the relaxed mode faster. The power of the mantra lies in the repetition and concentration. And because you are not focusing on your worries, you can relax. This goes hand in hand with the rhythm of your breathing and sound vibrations.

Giving meaning to a mantra
There are two conditions for a good mantra. First of all, it is important that you formulate a mantra positively. This can be an expression, such as 'I get my happiness from little things' or 'I believe in myself'. The first few times it may feel a bit awkward to sing or repeat such a thing to yourself out loud. Only when you practise your mantra more, you learn how to make yourself feel relaxed. Secondly, it is important that you choose a mantra you firmly believe in and which fits with your situation, goals, and emotions. That is why a mantra is personal and unique for every person.

It is worthwhile to find out whether a mantra can work for you. You do this by starting to write and choosing something that is most on your mind. For some people, it really works, purely because they can focus on something else which will make them feel relaxed.

‘We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world’

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