The relaxing effect of 'green'

Postdate: 07 August 2017

Do you tend to spend many hours at your workplace? Going outside during breaks is the healthiest option, but you can also bring nature inside. Research shows that plants have a positive effect on your productivity, state of mind, and even your sleep.

Green makes productive
It increases your productivity and it also lowers your stress level: 'green' at the workplace. A study conducted by the University of Exeter has shown that higher percentages of productivity and health were measured in the Netherlands and in the UK when there were plants in the offices. This was measured with one plant per square metre. Why is this? A combination of a homely atmosphere, a better air quality, and more concentration result in a feeling of satisfaction about the workplace, which will make you more productive. Plants mainly have a psychological effect that can be noticed in the short term.

Green provides rest
Without noticing it, many people experience stress due to an empty or bare workplace. It is predominantly the association with 'green' that provides rest, so a study of the VU Medical Centre shows. This indicates how important it is to regularly get some fresh air, literally and figuratively: a good air quality contributes to the decrease of stress which, in turn, contributes to a good night's sleep. Some plants such as aloe vera, ivy, and sansevieria have an air-purifying effect that takes place during the night.

When you change your workplace, find a spot with a view of a plant. Moreover, the results of these studies are not just valid for plants. The personalised workplace with photos and playing with fragrances and light can also create more involvement, and thus a higher productivity.

‘Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the soul’

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