The reason you don’t burn much fat by exercising

Postdate: 26 November 2018

Your breathing is rapid. Your heart is racing. Your muscles are getting sore and don’t want to carry on. But you’d made a deal with yourself to do this training session. And you should and must finish what you’ve started. Giving up is for wimps, isn’t it?

Being out of breath
Even though you are sweating buckets and completely out of breath, you don’t want to admit defeat. You let yourself get carried away by the music. Besides, you didn’t want to be the first to give up. The result? You’ve become dehydrated. Your breathing is shallow and makes you feel on edge. Your heart may not be pumping faster, but your chest does feel quite tight. as if your heart needs more space.

Your breath as your guide
The mistake you made was letting your breath get away from you. With every level of exertion, your breath also needs to speed up to an extent that feels comfortable. Sitting down quietly but breathing quickly in a way that’s more suited to jogging feels anything but comfortable.

Your breathing should match the intensity of what you are doing. If you are exerting yourself so much that you can no longer control your breathing, then you are doing it all for nothing. You are not giving your muscles more training, nor do you burn more fat.

Food for your metabolism
You are actually hindering your metabolism. In order to burn fat you need to be in control of your level of exertion and not go over the top. Your breath is what should guide you in this. If your breathing is under control, so is your metabolism. Only then can you reach those fat reserves and lose more than just retained water.

If you use up too much of your energy, you’ll become so tired that you’ll need a week before you can exercise again. That won’t do anything to help. Then after a week you’ll over-exert yourself again, and the whole cycle will start anew.

In the end, it’s better for your body and breathing to exercise less vigorously. You’ll benefit more from gentle exercise 2 to 3 times per week.

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