The reason why you should take extra virgin olive oil today

Postdate: 18 June 2018

Interest in Mediterranean dietary patterns has increased. Countries such as Spain and Italy have known this ‘diet’ for centuries. In addition, it is increasingly popular among people who want to establish a healthy lifestyle, and also to the critical group of scientists pursuing the search for facts.

This interest is justified: many healthy properties are attributed to it. Both instinctively as well as factually. This way of eating in southern Europe is the example of what good nutrition and Mother Earth can provide us with. Nine times out of ten, olive oil plays a prominent role in this. Extra Virgin, from the first cold pressings.

The significance of olive oil
In the Mediterranean kitchen, olive oil is the symbol for all that is good. The composition of Omega 3 and 6 fats, vitamins and especially powerful antioxidants form the key component between olive oil and good health. The World Health Organisation (WHO) symbol does not have branches of the olive tree on either side of it for nothing. Life expectancy in our countries is increasing, and with it the arrival of lifestyle diseases, including diabetes and cardiovascular conditions. Often these only become apparent at the end of life’s journey, possibly or rarely in middle age.

Effects on the heart
By adding some real olive oil to your lifestyle, and to continue doing this over a number of years, you can discover the preventative benefits. These are just the effects on the heart:

1. Cholesterol and other fats that are harmful to the heart will be lowered by the effects of olive oil.
2. The internal walls of blood vessels will stay protected and intact for longer.
3. There is less clotting of the blood. The tendency to coagulation, resulting in a potentially very rapid process of blockage, will decrease.

Add one and a half to two tablespoons per day to your dietary intake for better protection of your blood vessels and heart. This is the exclusive right of EVO: Extra Virgin olive oil.

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