The danger of too much belly fat

Postdate: 16 February 2018

Fat is not just fat. Even though the emphasis is often put on excessive weight there are already health risks when you do not have excessive overweight, but have a big waste. You can distinguish two kinds of fat: subcutaneous fat and visceral fat (belly fat).

Function of abdominal fat
Abdominal fat acts as a kind of chemical plant. It makes hormones and inflammatory agents. The subcutaneous fat is located underneath the skin and, in principle, harmless. Additionally, you have the visceral fat, also belly fat, that protects your organs. This is in located in your belly and around your belly organs. If you have too much of it, it plays a role in heart disease, diabetes and early aging. This is concluded in research conducted by Gokhan Hotamisligil, Professor of Genetics and Metabolism. Too much belly fat disturbs your feeling of hunger, causing binge eating.

If you often eat large amounts of fat and carbohydrates (sugars, starch), and you do not consume those calories by being active, it is stored as a reserve in the fat tissue. In the long run, there is more fat than can be stored in the existing fat cells beneath the skin. As a result, the body stores extra fat in the abdominal cavity. There is a new organ, the belly fat, as it were. This can lead to metabolic syndrome: a process of increasing belly fat combined with health problems.

‘We can all put weight on or lose weight’

Reduce belly fat
With endurance exercises, you lose your belly fat faster. This is because belly fat burns up first. In addition, it is important to deal with stress, because cortisol, the stress hormone, stops glucose uptake in the muscles, resulting in the creation of more insulin. This can cause you to get insulin resistant, which makes losing weight only possible with a combination of low carbohydrates, lots of protein levels and intensive exercise. In fact, your body reacts less to insulin, which makes you feel less energized, more thirsty and more craving for sweets. With more exercise and food with less fat, you will make the body more sensitive to insulin again.

A "belly" does not mean that you have too much belly fat. That chance is greater when you have an apple-shaped figure. Ultimately, you should definitely not limit monounsaturated fats (such as fish, nuts and vegetables). To break metabolic syndrome, it's important to exercise more and focus on a varied and healthy diet.

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