The benefits of proteins

Postdate: 08 February 2018

Proteins are essential for your wellbeing. Because of its high saturating effect, a diet with lots of proteins usually helps you to keep weight. They form the basis of all cells and maintain the muscular system.

Proteins per kilogram
Do you exercise regularly and want to loose weight or just stay healthy? Do you want to maintain or increase your muscle tissue? In this case you have to look at the ratio of proteins you take in. One often takes into account the amount of gram per kilogram. An average adult man or woman needs between 0,75 and 1 gram proteins per kilogram of body weight. There can be exemptions, because it depends on the degree of exertion. Athletes, weightlifters and pregnant women need more proteins, on average between 1,5 and 2 grams per kilogram of body weight. Also vegetarians and vegans must watch their daily intake of protein

‘Life goes faster on protein’

Difference in protein
Eggs, milk, meat and fish are called animal proteins. These proteins in food contain a high biological value: they look similar to body proteins. These are full-fledges proteins the body uses to build much of its own body protein. Proteins with a low biological value are for example, cereals, legumes and nuts, also called vegetable proteins. Compared with the animal proteins, vegetable proteins produce less body proteins. A mixture of proteins appears most often in a meal, like wheat with milk products, or meat with potatoes and vegetables. Combinations like these increase the protein value of the food, and make you take out the most of your daily protein intake.

Besides a healthy weight, proteins have also an impact on your productivity. Research says that a breakfast rich of protein improves your performance capacity more than with carbohydrates. In addition, compared with carbohydrates, eating proteins after lunch would help against an ‘afternoon dip’, as carbohydrates stimulate serotonin, effecting your sleep. Taking a snack rich of protein in the evening reduces your craving for food. In the end proteins are healthy as long you choose the right combinations. Meat, cheese, and milk contain a lot of saturated fats. It is therefore important to eat varied.

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