The battle against prolonged sitting

Postdate: 06 December 2016

Research has shown that it is not healthy to be seated for a long period of time. When you have a job that requires many long hours sitting in front of the computer, it is difficult to think about moving around on a regular basis. This is also because society is still focused on sedentary jobs. The best way is to work dynamically: alternating between sitting and standing and vice versa.

Health risks

In an average office job, you will soon spend 8 hours in a fixed work posture. There are already more and more initiatives that stimulate employees to start moving: think about having meetings while standing up or desk bikes. This way, you will adopt a more active position. Looking at the health risks of prolonged sitting, they come as no surprise. Common complaints in the short term are a painful back or neck and stiff shoulders, but there can also be complications in the long term. These include cardiovascular diseases, varicose veins, and loss of muscle mass. This is because your muscles become weaker as you sit more and for longer periods. Check the video below.

Get more exercise

After you have sat down for a long time, your body gets into a kind of rest mode, which inhibits on your creativity and concentration. You can already break this cycle by standing up during a phone call, or by finding an excuse to move around regularly. Move your knees more while you walk, to keep your muscles supple! Or try to have a meeting while you walk. It requires a change in your work attitude and that of your colleagues, but by giving a good example yourself, you can inspire others to join in.

To compensate for your hours sitting down, you don't need to do a lot of sports. Set an alarm to remind you to go for a walk, to tighten your abdominal and buttock muscles, or to do stretching exercises. Even when you are fit or sport a lot, it is good to stretch your legs regularly. In the end, it will increase the productivity!

'You don't have to move fast, you just have to move'

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