The art of running

Postdate: 02 February 2018

Relaxed running is an important way to avoid wasting your energy. Training hard and fast can actually work counterproductive; when you train slow you work more on your endurance and muscles. In addition it is important to take in account your diet, in order to keep your energy level high as long as possible.

Relaxed running
A big mistake people make during running is to focus on fast results. However, running slow gives you the opportunity to escape and enjoy the environment. By relaxing your jaws and back, all energy will go to your muscles. Let your arms occasionally hang and look up and down. In addition you have to pay attention to you back. Leaning forward causes tension, while running straight makes you take bigger steps. Mover over, running straight causes you to take in more oxygen than when you lean forward. It also reduces the stings, because it gives more space to your diaphragm.

Eating pattern
Despite of the frequency of your exercise, it is important to watch your diet. In order to run you need energy. Especially iron, as calcium and vitamins are essential. Choose food with a high amount of fibres, proteins and carbohydrates, such as turkey, fish, broccoli, yoghurt and almonds. One also should not forget to drink enough. In winter you feel less thirsty, however you loose more fluids than you think. This is caused because you wear multiple layers of clothing.

Running slow causes you to heal faster after a though exercise. In addition, it reduces the chance for injuries. By combining this with relaxed running and a healthy diet, you will improve your condition.

'Relax and let the run come out of you'

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