Strengthen your ankles with balance

Postdate: 21 June 2017

An ankle injury can come up when you sport or run. To prevent injuries it is important to regularly train your ankles. This especially is the case when you just start to run, or had an injury before.

Improve muscle stability
You ankles influence the rest of your body. In order to strengthen your ankles you focus on the improvement of the muscle stability and strength. With exercises focussed on balance you train both ankles. An example: You stand on one leg, stretch your arms in front of you and bend your other knee lightly. Stretch your other leg in front of you. Besides your ankle you also train your torso and leg muscles. Next you can do the crossed leg swing and a simple balance exercise.

‘A simple ankle sprain can become a chronic problem’

Train before you run
It is important to move healthy and safely, but when you run it may happen you overburden your ankles. Especially when you had problems in the past, it can stay a weak spot. It is important to do exercises that improve the control over your muscles. You can apply the runners posture just before you start running. Another exercise is the toe walk: by walking on your toes you strengthen your muscles around your ankle.

There are more exercises you can do to strengthen your ankles. They can be done independently, or you can make a personal schedule. Your age or condition does not play a role: most exercises they can even been done at your work. In Tsuru’s challenges you can get to know more about them. With them you prevent future injuries as much as possible.

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