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Postdate: 27 March 2017

To get and stay physically fit, it is important to train your body. This is also the case with mental fitness. There are many ways that can help your memory, like eating the right food, and training your brain to remember.

Did you ever know that multitasking causes you to be less productive, and makes you forget more? Because your attention is changing constantly, your brain has to switch a lot. Short stress stimuli can make you more alert, but long-term stress can reach the opposite. This is a real killer for your memory, because the energy is flowing to other parts of your body.

Also skipping breakfast can affect your memory. This is also the case with a bad night rest. It is during your sleep that your brain is processing everything, when your sleep is interrupted it has a negative influence on your memory. It works like a vicious circle: sleep deficiency worsens the memory and cause more negative stress, which again brings all sorts of consequences to your health.

‘The true art of memory is the art of attention’

Brain training
Chewing of chewing gum just before a performance would increase the blood flow to your brain, but results according to concentration and stress are different. Research shows that eventually attention and focus is most important for your brain. Moreover, it is good for your memory to work on one task for an hour (in combination with music) or exercise. Take an extra walk! Another mean is meditation. This creates space for peace and better focus.

In order to keep your memory active in between you can play brain games, like making mnemonics. Other good ways are memory, reading, colouring a drawing, chess and puzzles like Sudoku. This also reduces stress. Drinking enough water, and eating real ‘brainfoods’ support this process, like vegetables, walnuts and fish. Food for your stomach is also food for your brain.

With strong black coffee you stimulate your alertness, as long as it is moderate. Training your brain works to keep practicing. By stimulating yourself with new social activities, you keep your memory and focus sharp.

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