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Postdate: 04 September 2017

Health on the work floor
The pursuit of happiness and health is number one for most. According to CBS (Statistics Netherlands) (2017), health strongly determines the level of happiness. Work covers a large part of our daily lives, so it is not surprising that more and more companies pay attention to the happiness and health of employees. After all, happiness and health have a direct impact on productivity, motivation and absenteeism. The professional field that is involved in this is called Corporate Wellness.

"Corporate Wellness covers all the measures in the workplace that promote the health of employees, reduce costs due to absenteeism and increase productivity and commitment."

Over from America
In the U.S. Health programs have been implemented since the 1980s because health insurance premiums have become unaffordable. At the time, an enormous increase in chronic diseases such as type II diabetes appeared: a disease that can be prevented and sometimes even cured by a healthy lifestyle.

The Netherlands does not lag behind. Research into the effectiveness of health-promoting measures in the workplace is also exploding. The variation in research questions shows how broad the field has become in recent years. Studies vary in the field of effectiveness of mHealth applications, the implications of enthusiasm, substitutability and behavioural choices on health complaints, to the role of supporting communication styles in burnout phenomena.

Top entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson have long indicated that in a successful company, employees must come first. According to him, a good product or service can only come from intrinsically motivated employees who feel good physically and mentally and have a heart for the matter. This is supported by research by, for example, Arnold Bakker. Modern organizations that want to be competitive need employees who are involved, energetic and enthusiastic. Organizations can facilitate this involvement with top-down and bottom-up resources. Bottom-up methods are tools that employees can use themselves, including self-management, job crafting and learning how to use their strengths [1].

Effectiveness of programs
The number of sick leave figures in the Netherlands has been around 3.9% for several years now. [2] The obligation of payment of wages, arranging replacement, loss of production and absenteeism result in very high costs, certainly in the case of long-term absence. Fortunately, the importance of healthy employees and the opportunity to use resources is increasing at corporate Netherlands. The Corporate Wellness Research Prize aims to promote research into the effectiveness of these programs on the health of employees and the impact on the soft and hard KPIs of companies, so that CEOs and CFOs also will support health promotion measures.

The Tsuru Corporate Wellness Research Prize
On November 16, the winners of the Corporate Wellness Research Prize will be announced. The jury consists of scientists and experts from the Tsuru Advisory Board. The conclusions and the results of the studies that can be directly applied to companies are also presented. The winners deserve eternal fame and have a chance to win nice cash prizes: the winner receives € 1,000, - the second prize receives €500, - and the third prize receives €250,-. Master students, PhD students and interested parties can now register via the website.


[1] Prof. Dr. Bakker, A.B. (EUR, 2017). Strategic and proactive approaches to work engagement. Organizational Dynamics.

[2] CBS (2017).

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