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Postdate: 21 July 2016

The most important characteristic of a go-getter is holding on tightly to a certain idea or goal. As a go-getter, you don't need confirmation from others to stay determined. You aim for growth and improvement. You only stop when you have reached your goal, but you also know when to stop when the goals are unrealistic or unachievable.

Slow and steady wins the race
When you are going through a rough time, a valuable expression can help to find strength and happiness. A real go-getter recognises him/herself as someone who is ambitious and motivated. You go on until you have reached your ambitions and goals, regardless of the setbacks. Besides that, you are positive, independent, innovative, result-oriented, resilient, and critical. You can be a go-getter in many ways, for example at work or in sports. The principle remains the same: a go-getter finishes what he or she started.

Perseverance can sometimes tip over and turn into too much perfection and control. When you have too much perseverance, you can become an obstacle for or block other colleagues. The result is that you become rigid and difficult to work with. Other go-getters find it difficult to say 'no' and cannot set feasible demands. This ultimately leads to dissatisfaction, stress, and frustration. This type of go-getter has a high risk of developing burnouts, depressions, and other negative emotions. A healthy go-getter characterises him/herself with a good dose of perseverance, but also knows when to take care of his or her environment and own self. You are mainly focused on improvement instead of aiming for total perfection.

When you are facing a challenge that requires perseverance, remember that persevering can be or become 'normal'. This can be achieved by aiming for improvement and making the decision to commit yourself fully from a certain moment. Some people believe that being successful is mainly the result of talent, but a much better yardstick is the level of effort and dedication. Can you create a mindset whereby persevering becomes something you do automatically at difficult moments? Then you are a go-getter in the making!

'When you feel like quitting, think about why you started'

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