Quit smoking? 3 ways to get rid of your addiction

Postdate: 04 October 2017

It is often not easy to quit smoking permanently. However, recent studies have shown that heavy smokers live, on average, 13 years less than non-smokers. This is what Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reported based on a study on the connection between smoking and mortality.

Attention to smoking
Rest assured: we will save you the list of the bad effects of smoking. In addition to smoking, there are more factors that are not good for our health. An addiction leads to detrimental situations and causes a disturbance in the daily functioning. Instead of growing out of a bad habit such as unhealthy eating, you just have to ban the bad habit from your life indefinitely. This will really test your mental strength. Below you can read 3 ways of getting back control.

1: Think about why you want to stop
Before you begin, you have to know very clearly why you want to stop and how you will tackle the difficult moments. Be aware of physical and mental withdrawal symptoms that can steer you away from your goal. If necessary, make a list of all the advantages that remind you of why you want to do this, and carry with you at all times.

2: Stop as you are reading this
Excuses to smoke are easy to find, especially when you are addicted. The excuse of smoking the last cigarette 'to finish the package' can quickly become five cigarettes. This also applies to 'only smoking at special events' as an excuse to cut down. Cold turkey appears to be the best way in this regard. Ban cigarettes from your life, and stay away from other smokers as much as you can, especially in the beginning, so you will not be tempted.

3: Exercise!
Are you used to stepping outside for a cigarette with your colleagues? Your smoking moments are now replaced by another activity. Smoking works as a short-term reward for the brain. This also applies to exercise. Exercising is effective when learning how to deal with stress, caused by fear or when you want to quit smoking. And this is not the only factor: this study also shows that feeling less hungry is a natural reaction to regular, average amount of exercise, and then remember that binge eating is one of the withdrawal symptoms. So it's good to go for an extra walk.

Giving up smoking is a huge challenge, especially in the beginning. As soon as your body recovers and improves, you will enjoy the exercise and healthy eating more. It becomes increasingly easier to maintain the new routines. Do you want to know how you can learn new, good habits? Be sure to read our other blogs as well.

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