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Postdate: 22 March 2017

The Sun greeting is one of the most famous exercises within the Hatha yoga and power yoga. It is mostly received as a morning ritual. You practice this exercise on the rhythm of your breath, which make your body and mind active.

Start with energy
By starting in the morning with a sun greeting you wake up your body and mind. It asks for some strength. It is a series of 12 exercises, which are slow or fast and need to be practiced in a fluent movement. With one exercise you breathe in, with the next you breathe out. The advantage is that you can keep repeating these exercises, and thus never end up without inspiration for your next yoga session at home or somewhere else. Yoga makes you more flexible and makes sure you can enjoy the peace and time for yourself in the morning, instead of immediately go to work.

'Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists'

Step by step
For some people the sun greeting can be quite heavy. It is therefore important to experiment with tempo: for beginners is it advisable to start slow, in order for it to have a meditative effect. More advantaged people can go faster which makes it feel more like power yoga. It is important that you do not overstretch your muscles and pay attention to you breathing. Ask even another yogi for help! Look at the instruction video below for a first impression of the series.

To get familiar with the exercises you can first practice each one separately. Besides you can try to do the complete series at once. The most important thing is to repeat the exercises in order to get the sun greeting fully. Listen to your body and what feels best for you.

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