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Postdate: 19 January 2018

When you have long work hours, it is important that your body and mind stay fit and healthy. There will be days you feel energetic, but also days you feel tired or stressed. Some see work as a series of projects, while others focus on a process.

Result oriented
Most tips to increase productivity are based on a ‘one size fits all’ principle. That is mostly why they work just shortly. The most productive people manage succeed in making consistent progress. According to Arthur Markman, professor of Psychology and Marketing you can divide people in two groups, based on how they deal with objectives and goals. The first group is project based and becomes motivated by results: they attach value to the results of a project or goal. These people set the current situation (where they are now) against the situation they would like to be in, which results in energy. Each step creates new motivation to continue.If you look forward to completing small goals and celebrate them, you can keep your productivity consistent. However, if we hold on to one big goal it will be harder to maintain productivity.

Process oriented
The second group will not be more productive of these small steps because they are process-based. They do not think in goals but in processes. Therefore, they experience a sense of reward when there is a long-term success. For example, this may be the case with writers. Even though they are dealing with specific articles or books, the sense of being productive is about writing itself. For this group, it may be useful to see a project as a coherent whole, and the objectives only as side effects.

It can help to determine which habits or methods contribute to your success in a constant way.

It is not that result-oriented is by definition better than process-oriented (or vice versa). The first step to becoming more productive is to find out which style suits you best. This is easier said than done, but being productive in a sustainable way, requires more than just basic principles.

‘Productivity is less about what you do with your time, and more about how you run your mind’

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