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Postdate: 14 February 2017

When you are working some background music may enhance your productivity, while on other moments you prefer to listen to music more conscious by for example going to a concert. Music triggers emotions and memories that involve energy, relaxation, or agitation. With playlist you can play the right music for the right moment.


You can subdivide music in different categories. At work, you need music to concentrate, while you prefer uplifting or exhilarating music during your workout. Meditative music can help you to relax. Check and listen to our playlists for every moment of the day.

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It is easy to make and listen to a playlist via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can also find free playlists on the Tsuru YouTube channel. You don't need to get a YouTube account, but it will be handy to get a free subscription on the Tsuru channel to receive the latest updates. Click on a video below and start listening.



Strength exercises

A good night's rest

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