Letting go of work stress

Postdate: 20 July 2016

With regard to stress, the following usually applies: the longer and firmer you hold on to stress, the harder it becomes. Letting go of stress is easier said than done. Work stress is often caused by excessive work pressure, an unpleasant work atmosphere (for example bullying), or emotional events. This may have a negative effect on the productivity. In the annual Week of Work Stress, attention is paid to work stress and burnouts.

Let go of control
Many worries (and indirect stress) are caused by a fear to lose control. You want certainty, but there are some situations that you cannot control, as you simply cannot control other people or situations the whole time. This takes up a lot of energy and it hardly pays off, except becoming more stressed. So have can you get some rest? First of all, you need to find out why you, for example, are unable to finish certain tasks. A next step is to find a way to discuss the work stress with your employer and/or colleagues you trust. By getting a better insight into working overtime and (private) problems, you can avoid getting even more work on your hands.

'The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another'

Make sure to take breaks
Taking regular breaks decreases stress. You can, for example, set a reminder or an alarm that will tell you to walk around a bit, do some exercises, or find some distraction. In addition, you can let go of control with regard to emails by planning fixed moments to answer them. To create rest, it is important to set clear boundaries on your work and to say 'no' more often to tasks that do not deserve your priority. By making a simple and daily to-do list with no more than 3 work-related goals, you will be more efficient and less restless outside the job.

Remember that life is not just about work: you have to have enough time to de-stress by planning fun activities. Short-term and long-term goals ensure that you can make a clear distinction between what needs to be done NOW and what can wait.

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