Jesper Hopstaken wins the Tsuru Corporate Wellness Research Prize 2017

Postdate: 17 November 2017

On Thursday, November 16, Jesper Hopstaken (Erasmus University) won the 2017 Corporate Wellness Research Prize with his thesis 'Conquering Fatigue: the battle for engagement'. This prize includes a sum of 1,000 Euros. He did research on the influence of motivation on fatigue.

Jesper (on the photo on the right) concludes that fatigue is not a sign of 'the exhaustion of resources', but that it means that the effort for a task and the reward that goes with it are not in balance. Until now, employees were advised to charge sufficiently between working days and working weeks, by taking a distance, doing nothing or exercising. This is important, but does not solve your fatigue and lack of motivation at that moment. You do this by switching to a task that yields more at that moment. Or by rewarding the work better.

"Jesper's research gives a totally new perspective on the relationship between time management, involvement and productivity," says Jessy Brouwers, co-founder of Tsuru and jury chairman. "It has a lot of practical value, which is what we were looking for in particular as a jury."

The second prize went to Suzanne Lagerveld (University of Utrecht, photo center) for her thesis 'Mastery Matters'. Her research shows that with work-related cognitive behavioural therapy with a focus on competency perception, employees may be able to partially start working again. She went home with a cash prize of 500 Euros.

Yuri Scharp (Erasmus University, on the left) received the third prize, 250 Euros, for his master thesis 'Gamification: a bottom-up approach'. He concludes that by adding game elements and competition, you increase involvement and creativity and reduce boredom at work.

About the Tsuru Corporate Wellness Research Prize

Corporate Wellness stands for improving the mental and physical fitness of employees and is a relatively new branch in the Netherlands. We believe it is important to investigate the effectiveness of these health-promoting programs stimulating the work floor, which is why we created the Corporate Wellness Research Prize, and of course we find it very inspiring to work with young scientists.

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