Is it more common to die from relaxation on the first day of holidays?

Postdate: 16 July 2018

Are you due to have a well-earned holiday? This increases the chance of dying on your first day off. You need to slowly decrease the stresses that have been building up for days or maybe even weeks and avoid simply taking your silly head for a lie down on the beach. This is claimed by some researchers. Tsuru expert and cardiologist Dr Ruud van Langeveld clarifies:

'Relaxing on your first day off means really putting yourself in danger.'

Fake news or not?
These types of stories appear in the media every few years or so. This is proclaimed by serious people. Because yes, it is the doctors who are saying this. So, it must be true! Of course, studies have been done to see if those first days off tend to be more disastrous. Of course, large-scale studies have been done on this, because scientific acclaim will result if you can prove that reading a book by the pool is equal to taking deadly poison.

In Sweden in 2017, an extensive research study appeared, involving data from almost 150,000 subjects. Believe me, this can produce some reliable statistical conclusions.

The risk of heart attack increases by 7% around Christmas time. Monday is also a somewhat worrying day: 11% more risk. Luckily, we still have the weekends because then the risk drops again by 12%. In July, when everyone takes off for a while: a decrease of 8%.

In other words, if there really is stress – what on earth will I prepare for family's Christmas meal this year – a slight increase in the number of heart attacks is evident. By the way, these are fatal. But in the weekend breaks or when you have a few weeks off to go and do something else, any stress does not work against you. It may even be good for well-being. Anyway, it is clear from the figures that it does you good.

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Another study registered the causes of death for 53 million(!) Americans from 1973 to 2001. It concluded the same thing as the Swedish study: the days around Christmas…. And perhaps also the cold winter months, but not the holidays.

More so: even if you can look forward to a few weeks off to get away, you won’t be ruining them by having a heart attack. Thus, less heart attacks.

Is enjoying relaxing on your first day of holidays harmful or deadly? No, certainly not; make sure you do it!

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