How you look determines how you feel

Postdate: 31 October 2016

Not just your body language but also how you look plays a big part at work, as a first impression is made in just a split second. By being aware of how you want to come across, you create a self-assured posture and positive vibe!

Playing with colour
It is difficult to start somewhere but with little changes, you can already go a long way. By adjusting the way you dress to the company culture and the function, you certainly find yourself in the right direction. This does not mean that you have to spend a fortune on expensive clothes or that have to try too hard: everything that is too much will not work. The important thing is that you look well-groomed and that you feel comfortable in the clothes you are wearing. Various studies have shown that your mood can change by consciously wearing clothes that invoke positive feelings and actions with others or which remind you of positive experiences. Choose cool, warm, or neutral colours that will support the way you look in a positive way. You should particularly pay attention to the fit off your clothing because no matter how flattering a colour looks on you, when the item is too big, too tight, or wrinkly, you are not the best version of yourself.

Eye for details
A large part of the impression you leave behind is determined by the way you take care of yourself. Of course, this goes far beyond the colour of a pair of shoes or a coat. Still, details are important. Shoes are often overlooked even though they can make or break your outfit. When they don't match with the rest of your outfit or they are dirty, it will be noticed and not in a positive way. Women would be wise to mind the amount of makeup they use, their overall care, perfume, and accessories.

Your look is a reflection of yourself. When you have an off-day, the chance is very real that you are inclined to focus less on how you look, but it will, unintentionally, have its effect throughout the rest of the day. And should you still find yourself in a clothing crisis at some point, you can observe the style of your colleagues and give it your own twist. This will prevent you from getting it all wrong.

'If you’re feeling blue, try painting yourself a different colour'

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