How do you reach ‘Flow?’

Postdate: 15 May 2017

Did you ever experience to be fully drawn in an activity? You can compare the features of a flow with the experiences that cause you happiness. This often starts already with childhood. By remembering which feeling brings up a certain activity, you will know what is important for you.

Meaning of flow

In Bring flow in to your life (Geef Flow aan je leven ), from psychologist Marlies Terstegge,flow is defined as a certain feeling you get when you have full attention for something you enjoy. It gives you a satisfied feeling. You have a clear goal and simultaneously get signals you are on the right track. You give yourself feedback, or the feedback comes from outside. There is a balance between the skills you need and the challenge the situation gives you.

Do things you love

The flow theory can be described as ‘seek what gives you joy and do more of that.’ You probably know a few activities of the past you liked to do. Doing something with someone you like most likely gives you a flow. Next, you need motivation to change something. It is not only about the pleasure of an (sensory) experience, but a deeper feeling of satisfaction and wellbeing. To find out you can ask yourself these questions:

What are my values?
What are my talents and qualities?
By which do I feel inspired?
What are my desires?

Give meaning to your goals

You do not reach flow like that. It is about doing something that suits your personal values and qualities. It is therefore important to set life goals. To give meaning to things is a very personal process, in which self-knowledge cannot be missed. What do you value, and what suits your personality? When this is in harmony, you can experience flow. You challenge yourself to go a step further every time, so you keep developing yourself.

‘Energy flows where attention goes’

Seek for little things

Even if circumstances do not allow, you can look for something small in your head (or in contact with others) in order to get a flow experience. This stimulates your mental health. With new choices you ask yourself the following questions: Does it enrich my life? Does it contribute to more harmony? Making clean choices that in every view meet your preferences of what you do during a day, decides how you spend the day. People who often have flow moments, feel happier than those who rarely or never have those. This feeling does not have to be limited by sport or trips with friends. In a work situation your drive can as well be decided by intrinsic goals. When a task in it self is rewarding, it can lead to a lot of satisfaction.

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