How do you find your ‘Ikigai' at the workplace?

Postdate: 26 September 2018

In a previous blog we went into more detail about the concept 'Ikigai': the purpose for getting out of bed in the morning. Due to busyness and everyday worries it could happen that it did not consciously occupied your mind. In this blog, we provide concrete tips to find your Ikigai at your work.

Work as a motive
Some conditions for a long and happy life are: healthy and conscious eating, a social network and having a purpose in life. A goal in life does not have to be big and compelling, as long as it makes you happy and means something to others. Most of us spend a lot of time at work. It is therefore logical that work is (or can be) an important part of your Ikigai.

Determine your Ikigai
Ikigai is a combination of your passion, mission, profession and vocation. Ask yourself the following questions to find out what your 'Ikigai' is!

What do you like? The first key to Ikigai is your passion. This can be very broad, such as certain hobbies, tasks, but also people.

What are your talents? Everyone has at least one unique talent. What are you good at, or what do others say about your (professional) qualities?

Where do you make the difference? Precisely because you spend so much time at work, there is more than enough space to do your bit for the organization itself or your colleagues.

Where can you be paid for? Make a lot of money while doing something you do not like at all? That does not work. Not everything is about money, but it is important that you can generate income with your strong competences.


It shows that you ultimately need all four components to achieve your Ikigai. This takes time, but one thing is certain: everyone has a reason to exist. What helps is to fill in these four points. Continue to listen to your intuition. That already tells you a lot.

Source: House of Awareness

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