High heart rate? These are the causes

Postdate: 11 June 2018

The heart is a dynamic organ. It responds to many conditions, monitors the outside world and does or does not change gears. It sticks out its antenna and signals problems with your health.

In short: the heart is a connection channel between outside and inside.

If, for some reason the body is out of its comfort zone – in normal circumstances or insidious disease – the brain sends messages to the heart to provide more oxygen. It asks the heart to work harder. For example, you can see this very clearly in stress. You are alert, not just at the time itself during acute stress, but also over the longer term.

High heart rate due to stress
Stress is a major cause of increased heart rates. To give you an idea of the circumstances that can increase the heart rate, you can see a concise overview here. This is not a complete list.

Firstly, a number of factors that all of us regard as being normal and often as familiar.

· Acute emotions, whatever type they may be.
· High outside temperatures, especially when it is also more humid.
· Getting up too quickly from lying down; your blood pressure drops and your heart rate increases.
· Exerting yourself.
· Getting a fright: an immediate reaction to the release of adrenalin.
· Stimulants such as those found in cola and coffee.
· Sleep deprivation.

Under abnormal circumstances, an increased heart rate is in itself an indication that something is wrong, such as in the case of illness.

For example:

· A reaction to certain medicines.
· Excessive alcohol consumption.
· High blood pressure.
· Various heart conditions.
· A hyperactive thyroid gland.
· Conditions of the lungs or airways, such as COPD.
· Inflammations in the body even if it is just a common cold.
· Poor physical condition.
· Weighing too much.
· Anaemia.
· Blood loss.
· Drinking too little.
· Fever.

A fast heart rate does not mean much in many cases. It is usually not problematic. You can often work out the reason for it. For example, a bit of exertion or too much coffee. If it puzzles you and your heart rate remains high, it is advisable to visit your GP.

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