Healthy bread spreads are half the work

Postdate: 24 April 2017

A healthy diet starts with your breakfast and lunch. Some spreads are better than others. In order to make conscious decisions, it is important to have guidelines in what is healthy and unhealthy.

Saturated fat
When you are in the supermarket you are overloaded with the supply of healthy and unhealthy bread spreads. Maybe you have already found a standard routine through the selves, where choose the same spreads every time. What is nice is not necessarily healthy: sweet bread spreads like jam and choc late spreads, can create more appetite during the day. You find saturated (unhealthy) fats mostly in red meat, like, salami, carpaccio, liver sausage and filet americain. It is better to use margarine than full butter, because the latter contains a lot of saturated fat.

‘If you keep good food in your fridge, you’ll eat good food’

Healthy spreads
Light, white meat, generally contains less saturated fat. An example of light meat is chicken filet or turkey. Do you love cheese, than it is advisable to look at the numbers. This shows the amount of fat. 20+ or 30+ cheese is a better option than 45+ cheese. Examples of healthy bread spreads are Hüttenkäse, goat cheese en mozzarella. Peanut butter is an exceptional case. It contains a lot of proteins, but also unhealthy fats. A healthier alternative is nut pasta or 100% peanut butter. Further, you can choose once or twice a week for fat fish, like salmon and tuna, because of the fat acids.

There is much more than just straightforward spread. Do you regularly want variation on your bread? Try to experiment with vegetables, fruits, tofu, and homemade healthy pastas. Versatile vegetables are for example paprika, arugula, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, and carrots. Combine this with hummus, avocado and eggs or fresh strawberries for a new taste sensation! To contain a new diet, you do not have to turn down everything. Being aware of your breakfast and lunch means to vary as much as possible and choose for light and less salty variations. In any case there are more possibilities than a standard sandwich with cheese or meat.

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