5 top forms of physical exercise that can be recommended for anyone

Postdate: 05 September 2018

Everything depends on whether you like a certain activity and how it suits you. Depending on your weight, age and experience, not all exercise activities will suit you. See below for our top five best activities that suit virtually anyone – whether you're a beginner or more advanced.

1. Cycling
You can use an exercise bike at the gym in cross training, but it is nicer to set out a bike route outside in nature with a friend. This keeps it at a low intensity level. Using your bicycle for daily activities or for work, will improve your fitness levels.

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2. Swimming
You are free to move in the water. It takes the pressure off painful joints and muscles so that you can move more easily. If you don’t like swimming laps, aquarobics can be a good alternative for instance.

3. Walking
Walking is very valuable. One quarter of an hour to half an hour of regular walking gradually builds up fitness levels. Also, you can do this whenever you want to, and outside in the fresh air. It is also relaxing.

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4. Strength training
Strength training is not only for real athletes. It can actually be good for all ages, as long as it is adapted to your needs. It is therefore important to build up intensity gradually, also because of the risk of injuries.

When muscles are not used, they gradually lose their strength. Exercising your muscles also helps to burn up calories.

5. Tai Chi/yoga
Tai Chi means ‘meditation in movement’, but it is certainly not airy-fairy. There are different levels so that it can suit everyone. It improves your breathing patterns and balance. The same applies to yoga, which also have various types and levels.

The most important thing is to do an activity that you enjoy and makes you feel rewarded. Only then will you be able to keep going with it. These five options can offer you a start to a more active lifestyle.

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