7 exercises to relax your hands and fingers

Postdate: 20 November 2017

You have been using your hands the whole day. Just like the rest of your body, they can feel stiff and tensed after a while. How to release the tension from your hands and fingers? Read the tips below.

1. Shake them loose
Shake your hands regularly, and do this from your wrists. A simple and quick exercise to relax!

2. Stretch your fingers and make a fist
This will stretch your hands and fingers. Do this exercise a few times in a row: stretch, make a fist, stretch, and make a fist again.

3. Massage your fingers one by one
My massaging your finger one by one, you release the tension and stimulate the blood circulation. This is also handy when you are prone to getting cold hands.

4. Massage the tissue between your thumb and index finger
This is an acupressure point. According to Chinese traditional wisdom, you can reduce stress and headaches by focusing on this for a moment. Use your left hand to do this on your right hand and vice versa.

5. Spread your fingers
Did you just use the massage techniques? Then press the palms of your hands and fingers against each other and spread your fingers as far as you can.

6. Push the palms of your hands from each other
Put the palms of your hands against each other. Then push them apart as far as you can while your fingertips are still touching each other. This will stretch your hands.

7. Lift each finger
Put your hands flat on the table and lift each of your fingers. Do this one by one. Make sure that hands remain flat. You will find it difficult to lift your ring finger.

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