8 secrets for a 'happy brain'

Postdate: 19 February 2018

We all want a healthy and happy brain. Your brain changes with your age, which means that your mental functions change accordingly. Time to give your brain an extra push.

1. Get enough rest
During your sleep, waste products in the brain are cleaned up and impressions of the day are processed. This is what prior research of the University of Rochester Medical Centre has shown.

2. Find a small challenge every day
Take a course, do something you're afraid of doing, read a book, or try to change something small. It is all about creating new things or learning something new.

3. Eat yourself fit
Your brain and bowels communicate with each other, which is also called the 'gut-brain axis'. This means that good nutrition is extra important. This includes leaf vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, fish, and avocado. The keyword is variation.

4. Drink water
This means between one and a half to two litres per day. Preferably water, but coffee and tea are also counted as fluids as well. When you don't drink enough, you may get headaches and concentration problems.

5. Talk to other people
Social contacts protect your brain. Especially those people who are closest to you, but also don't underestimate small talk with a neighbour or the hairdresser.

6. Let the music carry you away
Music has a healing effect in certain ways, especially when it reminds you of happy times.

7. Be active
'A healthy mind in a healthy body.' It's a cliché, but that doesn't make it less true. You will really notice it when you have been indoors for a long time and you go outside for a walk. You will feel sharp and fit again.

8. Use your brain consciously
Last but not least: keeping your brain healthy also means using your brain actively. Doing sums, thinking about a solution, changing hands when you eat... these are just a few things you can do to keep your brain active.

Your brain deserves to grow old happily and healthily, just like your body. These tips can help you with that. And there are, of course, many more ways to get a healthy brain. Which ones can you add?

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