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Postdate: 27 June 2018

Do you feel easily personally hurt as an employee, for example, when a colleague criticises you, is in a grumpy mood or judges you? There’s no need for this. In fact, often it is not even really about you. Read the tips below, and tackle your workday with more confidence.

1. Know your worth
If you take everything in the workplace personally, it means that you only let yourself be guided by what other colleagues find and think. It turns you into a kind of puppet, with other people pulling the strings. Despite the fact that you can’t control what other colleagues say and do, you can decide to put this aside and to follow your own path.

2. Don’t be too quick to judge
Everyone makes judgements at times. That's normal. You have an opinion about something, and this equally applies to your colleague. A reaction can develop from a certain expectation or uncertainty. The trick is to realise that your colleague perceives things differently to you, and that this is not wrong.

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3. Take in what is useful
Regard criticism as an opportunity to learn. Learn from your mistakes. Do this by taking note of things that can mean something to you, and to leave the rest for what it is.

4. Stay pleasant
It may be hard for you to get on with some colleagues, so you prefer to avoid them. Try to stay friendly anyway, in spite of everything. When a colleague treats you disrespectfully and continues to do so, it is definitely time to act.

5. Count to five before you react
Are you in a work situation that puts you in a corner? Wait a minute before you react and take a deep breath. Work out what it means to you. Maybe the comment or situation really affects you now, but it will no longer do so in a few weeks’ time. The question then becomes whether or not you should spend as much energy on your feelings.

6. Ask for clarification
Do you get a comment thrown at you that makes no sense to you? You can ask for clarification after a short pause. What your colleague is thinking, or what he or she wants from you will only become clear to you if you ask, explain how you feel about this and try active listening.

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Not taking everything personally makes you a stronger person and eventually a stronger colleague. This is done by taking responsibility over your own emotions, thoughts and expectations. Help from Tsuru coaching will actively help you on the way to getting started.

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