De-stress with a whisper, touch or rustling noise

Postdate: 21 November 2018

Videos and podcasts are being made featuring whispering, light tapping or even rustling noises. The internet is full of these so-called ‘ASMR’ videos. According to some, the experience is so intense that their whole body shudders or that they reach a state of total tranquillity.

The ultimate meditation
People who have experienced an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) feel a sense of total tranquillity afterwards. Although the term ASMR may sound a bit vague, and so far is only based on reported experiences, it simply means that your body responds strongly to audiovisual stimuli. You feel a tingling sensation that spreads from your head to your back and arms; some people even see flashes of light, spots or stars. The intensity of the reaction varies from person to person.

Hormonal processes
Not everybody is sensitive to these types of stimuli. Some simply feel nothing, or only feel relaxed by specific forms of ASMR. The best chance of stimulating a response is with whispering or with a rustling or light tapping noise. Many different hormones are released during this process, such as dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin. These hormones are responsible for creating feelings of relaxation, enjoyment and happiness.

Day-to-day sensations
Maybe you’ve already had an ASMR experience without knowing it. Even just the sound of light rain against a window or a hairdresser doing your hair can cause these types of sensations. You may start to feel slightly sleepy, get goosebumps ‘in’ your head or just become very zen. ASMR is actually not only audio-focused. You can also have an ASMR experience from a light touch or by watching a video of somebody running their hands over something.

ASMR videos are very popular, especially for going to sleep. The experience can only be described as positive. It can also be a quick and easy form of meditation at work. Curious as to whether or not it will provoke physical or mental sensations in you? We’ve collected some ASMR videos for you below.

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