Corporate wellness on the work floor

Postdate: 29 June 2017

Imagine: you arrive at your office and your clean clothes from the laundry are ready. In the afternoon you box for an hour, and close the day with a chair massage. Promoting wellbeing and motivation on the work floor, in America also called Corporate Wellness, is for long an important trend. New fun business concepts evolve that make your life as employee a lot nicer.

24/7 society
In an era where availability and flexibility come first, everything evolves around time and availability. Sometimes you simply want to relax a bit in order to reload. It is also possible that ‘uncaring’ is a priority, because you are joggling already. This can come at cost of your productivity. Employers are more and more aware that it pays off to take care of their employees. It means that they facilitate employees to work on their health and happiness, but also look at how they can prevent work hours to be lost to activities like laundry and dentist visits during work hours. More and more employers provide possibilities to arrange hours flexible, or they take in a service provider in their home.

Corporate Wellness
Dutch initiatives like The Office Service en Chairmen At Work jump into this market. The idea behind The Office Service is simple: employees help to focus on important things in life (family, social contacts, and work), instead of the time consuming tasks. In the meantime they bring besides laundry- and shoe services also masseuses and manicures to your work. Chairmen at Work is not only nice, but also a very sympathic initiative. This organisation offers visual disabled people a platform to do what gives them energy and satisfaction: providing chair massages. The masseuses are all qualified chair- and or sport masseuses and guarantee a good massage. Are you already looking forward to a massage? We can tell you from experience it is very nice. Eventually these developments have in common that they provide you getting optimal results, getting the best out of you and your work. What kind of service do you want to see on your work floor?

‘Being busy and being productive are two different things'

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