Change your behaviour: tips to persist in your sporting activities

Postdate: 15 July 2016

Everyone will have a lack of motivation at some time, but there is a difference between every now and then and structurally. This has everything to do with a change in behaviour. When you have come to a point at which you start exercising, or almost give up, it is vital to keep motivating yourself. This is because exercising does not just have a positive effect on your body, but also on your mind.

Start with yourself

Very common motives to skip your sports or exercises are too tired and too busy. This lies in the fact that exercising has not become part of your routine. Therefore, it will cost you more energy than normal and you see it as an obligation. The first step is to decide what you want to achieve. Is it losing weight, a better physical condition, increasing your muscle mass, or de-stressing? Of course, it can also be a combination of multiple factors. Most of all, be realistic: It may be too much to ask to do sports 5 times a week when you have a full-time job and a family. As a beginner, it is even not advised to start your sporting activities very fanatically. See doing sports as a process. By getting some more exercise than you were used too, you slowly build up the frequency.

Make time

It is important to be aware that creating a routine takes time, and you can only achieve this by doing sports on fixed days during the week for many months. When you tell yourself "I'm going to do some sports" or "I want to do sports" you create less resistance to go. By choosing a sport you like, you will be able to persevere for much longer and you will get more energy. It also motivates to reward yourself after your sporting activity or when you have reached a certain goal. Sporting together gives a higher commitment because you motivate each other. It can also give some distraction. This is why you should find out what will suit you.

Focus primarily on your own progress. Be fair when you don't succeed at some moment, and reward yourself when you succeed a number of times. Realise that the reasons for not going are only a way of fooling yourself. When you already do sports regularly, try to maintain this routine! Remember: it's all in your head.

'Be stronger than your excuses'

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