Yoga advantages for beginners

Postdate: 22 March 2018

Yoga is no longer a taboo. Both at home as at work yoga can be practiced, which makes it a way to support your daily life. Both with yoga and meditation focus is on the breathing. Do not be distracted by upcoming thoughts. This reduces stress and improves the productivity on the work floor.

Advantages of yoga

There are different reasons to practice yoga: relaxation, strong and flexible muscles, or a better concentration. The word yoga literally means connecting; connection comes into being when your body is in harmony with your mind and breathing. The current need for yoga is caused by the speed of society. The continuous availability often causes high work pressure, which may result in stress. Yoga can also be an addition to certain sports or a way to reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain. The most important aspect of yoga may be the creation of peace and order in your mind. Yoga therefore goes along with breathing exercises that lower your hearth beat.

‘Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory’


Especially when you are unfamiliar with yoga, you must think if and when you want to start yoga. In the beginning it can be difficult to practice the exercises correctly and to control your thoughts. It is therefore important to be open-minded. No time, judgements, and perfect pictures of impossible positions are just excuses that can keep you from doing it. It is therefore important to prepare your yoga session at home. Look for a quiet environment and comfortable clothing, bare feet, and a yoga mat. Choose to do the exercises at the same time every day, in order to create a routine. For example before you go to sleep. Do not force your body during the exercises!

You can try different styles of yoga. If you start at home you might want to try an online course. The advantage is that you learn more about different postures and see which yoga style fits you best. If you need a personal environment, support, and motivation, a yoga studio or a gym with yoga lessons might fit you better. Often they offer free try-out courses.

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