A sustainable life with minimalism

Postdate: 16 January 2018

We often hang on to everything that has an emotional value. It may be moved around, at the most, but throwing it away is often a waste or painful. To strive for minimalism, it is important to let go of the wish to collect or hoard things.

Clear your head
Minimizing is primarily about the meaning you give to things. A radical change can be good for some people, while the other is already very happy when one drawer is being cleaned out. Minimalism arises from the need for a simpler life and a feeling of freedom. An uncluttered environment often results in an uncluttered mind. According to clean up coach Marie Kondo, throwing away stuff that you may only use some time or useless presents can already give you an uncluttered feeling. With regard to the presents, it is all about the idea that the presenter wanted to make you feel good, so the present itself is not that important. Just think that you enjoyed receiving the present, but that it is of no use to you anymore.

‘Greater happiness comes with simplicity than with complexity'

More stuff, more stress
A large house with a lot of stuff in it can lead to more stress. Things are linked to emotions, but ultimately they are just things. We just want and buy more and more. It is never enough. Minimalism can help you to make conscious choices in what really matters. You are not looking for happiness through things, but through life itself. It is not so strange that you realise that you don't need so many things when you're on holiday. That is when you will notice what things really mean to you.

Minimalism requires a lasting change, as it not just means that you have to get rid of things, but also that you buy less. Don't be tempted by emotions. Doing something makes you happier than having something. Only keep those things you need and which make you happy. Repeat the following sentence to yourself: 'will someone else be happier with this than I am now?' If the answer is 'yes', give it away! Minimizing gives space, and space gives rest.

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