8 tips for making more time for yourself

Postdate: 30 April 2018

Do you feel as though you need to fly through every day? That it’s hard to cope with everything? A busy diary causes stress. Read the tips below for leading a more peaceful daily life.

1. Say ‘no’ more often without feeling guilty
Filling up an empty diary is easier than emptying a fully booked diary. Make sure you take a critical look at your fully booked days. Move aside your feelings of guilt and say ‘no’ more often to things that are not urgent.

2. Reserve me-time
It sounds like a challenge but by booking gaps in your diary, you will create rest and oversight. This time can be used as me-time or for tasks that need to be done urgently.

3. Select & bundle
See if you can combine small tasks. If you need to make short phone calls, try to do them one after the other. You don’t need to read and answer your mail 6 times a day, but you can also do this only 2 or 3 times. There are probably many little things that unknowingly consume much of your time, but that you can easily do at the one time.

4. Finish what you start
It sounds simple but this can be harder than you think in actual practice. This actually does not just mean that you should concentrate on only one task but also that you should leave your phone alone for a while.

5. Take breaks
Working in your break really just has the opposite effect. You become lethargic, tired and therefore also less productive for the rest of the day. Use a break to take some time for yourself. Just getting up and going for a walk will make all the difference!

6. Ask for help
This is difficult for some but when you put off something because it is not working out for instance, it is better to ask for help. Define what it is that you need help with first, and then decide who will be the best person to help you with it.

7. Cook double portions
Have a day without cooking occasionally by preparing double portions and freezing one of them. Or do some meal preparation on the weekends so that you have tasty, healthy and quick meals (or portions) ready all week after work. Especially handy if you're also going out to exercise or play sport!

8. Take a good look at your friendships
In some relationships, you may be the one who has to invest the most. This takes heaps of time, but often you get nothing in return. By only having people around you who also pay attention to you, you will have more time in addition to feeling good.

Of course, there are many other ways to find more time in every day. Get active with the challenges in the Tsuru App to become aware of time-management, and read our other blogs for more inspiration. Enjoy your free time!

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