8 Tips for better sleep during hot weather

Postdate: 02 July 2018

After sunshine comes the…..sticky, uncomfortable night. You toss and turn and keep looking at the alarm clock. The red letters burn your eyes while sweat is running down your back. Time to do something about this, namely by the following tips.

1. Wear light breathable night clothes
Wear cotton or clothing with bamboo-fibres. Both fabrics breathe and prevent you from lying in your own sweat for hours.

2. Use a pack or menthol powder
Cooling down your wrists, temples and ankles from time to time is good for you in the heat. Fill a sock with rice and place it in the freezer before use, or sprinkle some menthol powder onto your forehead.

3. Give your fan an upgrade
Place a container with ice blocks in front of your fan and put it by an open window. This is a temporary solution but cool air is guaranteed.

4. Keep your curtains and windows closed during the day
Preparing for a cool night is at least as important. This means: in the evening as soon as the weather has cooled down, fully open the window. Closing the curtains and windows during the day also helps. Do you have a roller blind? This makes quite a difference in the heat.

5. Quick tip: wet flannels or a water spray bottle
Keeping a cool head and legs can be fast and easy by using wet washcloths or a water bottle sprayer filled with cold water to spray over your body every now and then. However, put a dry towel under yourself so that your fitted sheet does not get too wet.

6. Turn off as many electrical appliances as possible
Your computer and TV are significant sources of heat that are better left turned off when it is very hot.

7. Adjust your sleeping rituals
Try to avoid intensive exercise and overeating before bedtime. An evening stroll when it has cooled down a little outside, and a lukewarm shower can help you fall asleep more quickly and sleep like a log.

8. Sleep somewhere else
If you always sleep upstairs or with your partner, it could already be a little cooler by sleeping somewhere else. Sleeping together means twice the normal amount of body heat. Not very cosy? Sure, but just think of it as only being temporary: a good night’s sleep is also important.

These tips give you a little push in the right direction so that you can sleep properly tonight after all. Give them a try and see what works best for you. Sleep well!

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